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We need freedom protectors in Congress

I can think of no better qualifications for an American politician, than a warrior who has put his life on the life to defend our freedoms.


“What all three said SEALs, plus Brady Duke running in Florida and Morgan Luttrell in Texas, offer are teamwork and a rich work ethic. “I think a lot of veterans don’t think through a red or blue lens. I think we mostly see things through a red, white, and blue lens,” said Zinke.”

“In an interview, he said, “To be honest, I’m tired of seeing folks go to Washington, D.C., that are self-serving. They’re not willing to sacrifice, they’re not courageous, and I know that I’m a little bit different when it comes to that. And so, I’m willing to do it because I think that you can make a pretty big impact there, not only in how you vote, but when you’re in that room encouraging others.”


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