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First we win. Then we educate.

Truth Over Tyranny: Biblical wisdom for defeating the Technocrats.
These are my insights for defeating the Transhumanist Technocracy movement, based on the teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, of blessed memory, on the weekly Bible portion.

Today we have many freedom lovers stepping up to defend freedom. They are driving toward the arrest and prosecution of the globalist tyrannical technocratic ringleaders. When they ultimately prevail and put this “elite” class out of commission, would then freedom ring across America? Would it ring across other lands as well?

Sad to say, I don’t think so. For while the Freedom Fighters are mentally and emotionally ready to embrace true freedom, we have within us a huge “woke” population. They include teachers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, Big Pharma, Big Tech, law enforcement, soldiers, and masses of bureaucrats throughout all layers of government

They no longer require a centralized leadership to tell them what to do.  They are a perpetual motion machine, capable of perpetuating wokism as a popular movement.  And they are intent on forcibly converting everybody else into the woke cult, as well.  

Freedom will not be restored until this large sub-population of the American people is deprogrammed and willingly rejoins the original founding mission of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This will take a great deal of education in the American founding ideals of God-given freedoms and liberty.  Only then, will freedom ring once again in America.

This education is the long-term mission of those of us who are currently fighting for freedom in America, and across the world. 

The immediate objective is, of course, reclaiming and restoring our public institutions — our elections, our governments, our courts, our schools, and our health care systems.  

But once we replant our flag on every one of these hills, we will have to deal with major portions of our citizenry who will still, sadly, crave tyranny.  That is the life into which they were indoctrinated;  they don’t realize it is a slave mentality.

This is the exact dilemma faced by the leaders of the Jewish nation once we were liberated from slavery in Egypt. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks talks about it in his commentary on Parashat Shelach Lecha called “Freedom Needs Patience.”

Rabbi Sacks shares the insight of Maimonides about why the Jews had to spend 40 years in the desert prior to entering the Promised Land. It takes a long time for a nation to change its mindset!

“It takes more than a few days or weeks to turn a population of slaves into a nation capable of handling the responsibilities of freedom. In the case of the Israelites it needed a generation born in liberty, hardened by the experience of the desert, untrammelled by habits of servitude. Freedom takes time, and there are no shortcuts. Often it takes a very long time indeed.”

This is why the Jewish people have always placed a premium on education:

“That dimension of time is fundamental to the Jewish view of politics and human progress. That is why, in the Torah, Moses repeatedly tells the adults to educate their children, to tell them the story of the past, to ‘remember’. It is why the covenant itself is extended through time – handed on from one generation to the next. It is why the story of the Israelites is told at such length in Tanach: the time-span covered by the Hebrew Bible is a thousand years from the days of Moses to the last of the prophets. It is why God acts in and through history.

“… there is, in Judaism, no sudden transformation of the human condition, no one moment or single generation in which everything significant is fully disclosed. Why, asks Maimonides (Guide, III:32), did God not simply give the Israelites in the desert the strength or self-confidence they needed to cross the Jordan and enter the land? His answer: because it would have meant saying goodbye to human freedom, choice and responsibility…”

This was the reality God had to deal with when confronted with the discontent of the people. They had heard the bad report of the spies about the Land to which He was sending them. They were not ready to go. They even wanted to go back to Egypt! So He did not make them — He sent their children instead. This is characteristic of every “war for freedom:”

“… They simply had to face the fact that their children would achieve what they themselves were not ready for.

“People still forget this. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were undertaken, at least in part, in the name of democracy and freedom. Yet that is the work not of a war, but of education, society-building, and the slow acceptance of responsibility. It takes generations. Sometimes it never happens at all. The people – like the Israelites, demoralised by the spies’ report – lose heart and want to go back to the predictable past (‘Let us choose a leader and go back to Egypt’), not the unseen, hazardous, demanding future. That is why, historically, there have been more tyrannies than democracies.

“The politics of liberty demands patience. It needs years of struggle without giving up hope. The late Emmanuel Levinas spoke about ‘difficult freedom’ – and freedom always is difficult. The story of the spies tells us that the generation who left Egypt were not yet ready for it. That was their tragedy.

“But their children would be. That was their consolation.”

I will add this: the experience of the Jews in the desert holds a valuable lesson about the realities of changing the mindset of a nation. The portion of the population that was entrenched in the slave mentality could not make the transition to a free society. They actually preferred to remain slaves! Sadly, tragically, they died off. It was the next generation that embraced freedom, and entered the Promised Land.

This may very well be the case today. Many among us may never “wake up” from their wokeness. Our educational efforts may have to be primarily directed towards the next generation. This could be extremely sad and tragic, because the people left behind could include our family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, business associates, and members of our community.

But, the Jews were slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years. The Technocrats and global elites have spent at lot less time indoctrinating the American population into social and political subservience. I believe we have a fighting chance to help many more among us today embrace freedom, than did the Jewish people 3500 years ago, when the idea of a free society was first developed.

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