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World Economic Forum Concludes “Annual Meeting of the New Champions” in China with Accelerated Plans Toward Global Social Credit and Digital Surveillance

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions gathered in Tianjin, China, June 27-29 to discuss the latest ideas for promoting “the global transition to a green and renewable economy.”

Approximately 1500 participants attended the 14th annual meeting with a stated effort to “boost multilateralism and collaboration in a fragmented world.”

The three-day event, hailed by some as “Summer Davos,” started out with roaring applause for Dr. Evil himself, Klaus Schwab.

Central to messaging at the event was a push for nations to accept Central Banking Digital Currency and wearable data-harvesting sensors.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said that while the United States Congress continues to discuss ways to regulate an American digital dollar, the system faces further challenges with successful implementation.

Festivities for the worldwide globalist elite ended with a “call for greater solidarity to overcome global challenges.”

With such bold visions for the technocratic future of the world, it’s understandable why the WEF is currently developing more robust and intelligent methods of eliminating dangerous misinformation.

It’s just another day at work in the World Economic Forum’s relentless mission to hack the human spirit and eliminate free will through corporate-sponsored coercion.
As recently explained so eloquently by Ice Cube:
“They got you once you self-censor.”

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