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God Bless the Greatest Generation

This is a good glimpse into the character of the people who saved the world from tyranny in World War II.

God Bless The Greatest Generation!

God Bless all veterans!

God Bless America!


“Listening in on their tales of chutzpah and bravado, while probably filling coffee cups, I would hope to get further insight into how these guys seemed not to have been defeated by childhood poverty and trauma, war and postwar nightmares, family difficulties and deaths (Irving’s mother died while he was carrying the wounded in the Pacific), or the effort of having to prove themselves as Jews.”

“Resilience was one thing, but I also believed that these vets may have been one step ahead of other generations in finding meaning in their lives—in the sense that psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl asserted in his groundbreaking book Man’s Search for Meaning. Helping to stop Hitler from taking over the world and wiping out their people seemed to me to be a damn good legacy for boys named Irving and Seymour and Isadore.”


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