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Which economic system is most harmful to the environment?

Which economic system destroys the environment – capitalism or socialism? Take a look at the data and see for yourself.


“It is not the “unrestrained pursuit of profit” by capitalists, but command economics and socialism that have caused the greatest environmental destruction – not only in the Soviet Union and China, but in all socialist countries.” 

“Is capitalism really the cause of climate change and environmental destruction?”

“In 2020, researchers from the Heritage Foundation compared countries’ rankings in their own Index of Economic Freedom with those of Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index (EPI) and found that the most economically free countries – i.e. the most capitalist – also had the highest EPI scores, averaging 76.1, while the “Mostly Free” countries averaged 70.2. There is then a significant gap between these and the “Moderately Free” countries, whose environmental performance ranked much lower (59.6 points). The “Mostly Unfree” and “Repressed” countries had by far the worst environmental performance ratings (46.7 and 50.3 points in the EPI, respectively). Clearly, the environment is no different to so many other areas of life: Capitalism is not the problem, it is the solution.”


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