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Our military personnel need religious leadership

A good report on how the men and women who serve our country need religious guidance and support.


“In a national moment marked by suspicion, atomization, and hostility, the U.S. military in many ways continues to exemplify the American ideal of citizens of all colors and creeds living and working alongside each other. “

“Eighth Army Command Chaplain (Colonel) Karen Meeker is one example. “Our Army is better and stronger,” she said in her remarks at her induction to the Army Women’s Foundation Hall of Fame, “when God hears from the rich diversity of God’s creation.”

“Beginning their religious studies with a healthy respect for the First Amendment, military chaplains model something more than a parochial “circle the wagons” mentality toward faith and religion in general, but an outward looking alliance with practitioners of other faiths to form an effective line of defense against all enemies—foreign and domestic.”


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