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Superman as a Nazi-fighter

Did you know that Superman was originally created as a heroic Nazi-fighter?

On D-Day, all the Allied fighters were super men. God bless them.


“The two Jewish youths’ personal war with the vaunted master race didn’t end there. Superman continued to fight and humiliate Nazis in his comics, while in the real world his popularity became so great that the U.S. government used him to promote enlistment, blood donations, paper and metal drives, and war stamps and bonds sales, to great success.”

“And once the U.S. joined the war, with 8 millionservicemen reading comics regularly, Superman essentially became regulation equipment. Tanks, jeeps, boats and planes were named after him and decorated with his image. An entire air force bomb squadron made him its official insignia.”

“With American forces carrying his comics in their pocket and his image on their vehicles, Superman, and through him Siegel and Shuster, were right there on the frontlines, fighting Nazis.’


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