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Here are ten reasons why I really appreciate you:

1. No one is above the law – including government officials.

2. Big government overreach is always challenged.

3. The spread of communism, and all other forms of tyranny, is consistently fought.

4. The Biblical heritage of the country helps people develop moral values.

5. People are free to practice their own religion.

6. People are free to think and say what they feel is right.

7. People are free to build communities.

8. Individuals and families can become economically self-sufficient.

9. Race, religion, gender, and country of family origin are not impediments to achieving millionaire and even billionaire status.

10. Race is not an impediment to attaining the highest offices in the land, including: President of the United States; Supreme Court Justice; Senator; Congressperson; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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