Here is a thought about fatherhood, in commemoration of the Father’s Day that just passed.

You might remember a TV show from the 1950’s called “Father Knows Best.” It started out as a radio program, and then became a staple on TV for a number of years.

It portrayed a Norman Rockwell-type version of America: decent people comprising a good family, trying to face life with optimism and dignity. People you could relate to, in a positive way.  A newspaper critic at the time wrote that “Jim Anderson may be the first intelligent father permitted on TV since they invented the thing.”

It was good to have a model of a father who was a caring problem solver. People need true leaders, people who can make good decisions. Families need men like these. So do businesses, and many other institutions.

Does this mean that women can’t be leaders? Of course not. Does it mean that all fathers are good men? No.

What is does mean is this: every boy should aspire to be a caring, intelligent problem solver. A true leader who is unafraid to make big decisions. To do what is right.

And every girl should aspire to have men in her life who fit that model.  Even if a little girl wants to be President of the United States, she should want nothing less from the man by her side.

These are the type of people we need to lead us into a bright future.

What do you think?

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