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When I first started in the life insurance business, one of my teachers of the trade was on old-timer who had been selling for decades. His “ego wall” was decorated with many academic diplomas and certifications of professional achievement.

One day he gave me a tour. An odd-looking document caught my eye. Upon closer look I realized it was the data page from the life insurance policy he had purchased to take care of his family! He had copied and framed it, and it was now displayed prominently along with all the other symbols of his accomplishments.

He noticed my interest and explained why he had posted it.  It had a twofold meaning to him: a) it reminded him that he was a caring person who loved his wife and children; and b) he was the kind of person “who put his money where his heart was,” and secured a life insurance policy to take care of his loved ones after he was gone.

That was no mere piece of paper; it was a symbol of what kind of man he was, and what was really important in life.

We all need reminders of what is important. Religions have signs and symbols to keep us on the proper path. Nations have signs and symbols as well.

The American flag is one such symbol. When I see the flag, I am mindful of the greatness of our nation as a sanctuary for freedom and liberty. I remember that the protection of these God-given rights comes at a price, and the price is worth paying.

That flag is one of the most important signs in my life.

What symbols are important to you?

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