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Khalid Namar

People often talk of freedom but can seldom define it. For me, Freedom means the ability to live to one’s potential and experience all that life had to offer.

My uncle Prince Nichols served 24 years in the Army, Korea and Vietnam. He told me so many great stories growing up. After he passed away 7 years ago, I asked myself what have I done? Shortly after I met someone from grassroots organization Americans for Prosperity and began volunteering on various causes against government overreach. Now I get paid to do it.

Seeing the rise in America hatred and lack of respect for our constitution gave me the desire to get involved. I joined with a close friend and we began visiting schools and colleges, speaking about the constitution and America’s founding. Seeing the looks in young peoples faces, when they hear things about American history, they haven’t heard before keeps me motivated.

Khalid Namar 

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