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Pnina Mintz, Ph.D.

It is my hope that we can find the strength to speak up and act when seeing evil in our midst. For me, it was the theft of education and taxpayers’ dollars that forced me to pierce my comfortable and safe “bubble” and step into the unchartered waters of public conversations and grassroots organizations. My quest is to keep this country and our children free to pursue their hopes and dreams. The nefarious indoctrination of the minds of our children by our educational systems, social media, and governmental entities are ensuring the enslavement of our country for generations to come. If we stay silent, we will not know what freedom is anymore. The time to stop evil is now, standing united with one voice, finding our courage to defend self-evident truths, and protect our freedoms.

The cultural war on America and our families is entering its final stages. Will Americans unite to defend this country and keep it free? In the face of a tyrannical government destroying children and families, the very building blocks of a civilized society, will you stand by and watch it happen or will you stop it while you are still able to act?

My confidence is that goodness triumphs over evil. I have confidence that there are many more “good” people that can see through the political theatrics. Will we find our united voice and let go of our divisions & fears or will we stay silent? There are many historical examples of evil and despotic regimes implementing tyrannical policies “for your safety”. Will we wake up, speak up, and stop the madness? Will we learn from history and our present experiences or be doomed to repeat disastrous and fatal mistakes? Our children and the future of our country depend on each and every one of us to become involved locally and nationally, and act now to the best of our abilities and capabilities.

Pnina Mintz, Ph.D.

4 Education Transparency, https://www.facebook.com/groups/4educationtransparencycherryhill

Parents for Academic Excellence, https://www.facebook.com/groups/parents4acdemicexcellence

Zionist Organization of America, Board of Directors Member, https://philly.zoa.org/

Cherry Hill Republican Organization, Chairwoman





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