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Leo Hohmann Provides an Excellent Overview on the New World Order’s Destruction of the Human Being

After an excellent introduction to the subject matter of globalization and the New World Order, Hohmann shared the following (at the 13:30 mark in the video below) during his presentation.

God created us with a free will, right? But under the technocratic movement, you are denied ownership over everything. That includes not just your physical assets, but your body and even your mind. They say you’ll own nothing, have no privacy but somehow you’ll be happy. The new definition of happy of course is you accepting the idea that you are no longer in control of your own body or thoughts.

At the 23:00 mark Hohmann says:

While the God of the bible has created you in his own image, with a body, soul and spirit. Peolple like Schwab, Gates and Harari deny all of that… instead of that, they see a physical, biological and digital identity.

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