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Ukraine: Field Test of the Great Reset

In the shadow of war: Ukraine as the Great Reset laboratory of the global tech elite

While a very real conflict is raging in Ukraine, naturally no spotlight falls on the digital distribution battles. The advocates of radical world restructuring and total surveillance have long recognized the potential of the Eastern European country. With the strong participation of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine would not only be a Mecca for US bio-weapons laboratories, but also pave the way for digital networking, the Metaverse and the transparent citizen. The lynchpin is the digital ID app “DiiA”, an abbreviation for “The State and I”.

Zelensky’s social credit system
The journey takes us back to 2019. Zelensky had only been a few months in office, and founded a “Ministry for Digital Transformation”. Its most important task was to create a platform for the “state on a smartphone”, the DiiA app finally rolled out in February of 2020. Since then everything has been going fast: more than 50 applications, proofs and official channels are now running via the app: driver’s license, Covid vaccination pass, student card, starting a business, insurance, social benefits. A French tech portal writes: “A model that we only knew from China with its social credit system.” By the way: “ID Austria” is supposed to go in this direction in the final phase.

The social credit system is also to be taken quite literally: last year Zelensky promised every citizen who could provide proof of a full vaccination certificate in DiiA a reward of 1,000 hryvnia (roughly €30) — about a tenth of a typical monthly wage. Authorities may no longer insist on the paper form of documents — and observers assume that the dual variant is only an interim solution. The timing is hardly a coincidence: Two weeks before the release, Zelensky was the guest of honor at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit led by the “Great Reset” architect Klaus Schwab.

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