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LIBBY EMMONS: Biden Issues Transhumanist Biotechnology EO Calling to ‘Program Biology in the Same Way’ We Program ‘Computers’

Biden ran for president on an agenda of crises : Covid, the economy, racism, and climate change. Along the way, he promised to cure cancer, tasked every government agency with finding more ways to support gender identity over biological sex, and now per a new action plan, he intends to wield the power of the federal government to remake society through genetic engineering and other biotech programs, as well as massive data collection. In other words, he’s going to spend federal funds on a transhumanist agenda for societal recreation.

Transhumanism is the intentional evolution of human beings by integrating them with technology. Biden’s latest executive order on “advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing” is designed to “achieve our societal goals” through “genetic engineering” that will reprogram human cells to “program biology” much as is currently done with computers, and will employ artificial intelligence to do so, while reducing commercial regulations. Biden has issued nearly 100 executive orders during his time in office.

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