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Ultraprocessed Food — The Worst Choice for Planet and health

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked September 09, 2022


According to promoters of The Great Reset, a traditional whole food diet is not only
“unsustainable” but “environmentally destructive” and must be replaced with GMOs and
protein alternatives made from insects, plants and synthetic biology. Life on earth cannot
be sustained, they say, unless we transition to what amounts to an ultraprocessed and
highly unnatural diet

A scientific review throws The Great Reset’s talking points in the proverbial trash, as
ultraprocessed foods are “fundamentally unsustainable” and nutritionally nonessential.
As such, the environmental impacts of ultraprocessed foods are indefensible, as they are
wholly avoidable

Ultraprocessed foods account for 17% to 39% of total diet-related energy use; 36% to
45% of total diet-related biodiversity loss; up to one-third of total diet-related greenhouse
gas emissions, land use and food waste; and up to one-quarter of total diet-related
water-use among adults in high-income countries

The EAT Forum, cofounded by the Wellcome Trust and the Stockholm Resilience Centre
in 2014, has developed a “Planetary Health Diet,” intended to be applied to the entire
global population. It entails cutting meat and dairy intake by up to 90%, and working with
biotech and fake meat companies to replace whole foods with lab-created alternatives —
all in the name of climate change prevention and “sustainability”

Once corporations have a monopoly on meat, dairy, cereals and oils, they will be the ones
profiting from and controlling the food supply. The companies that control the food
supply will also end up controlling countries and entire populations

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