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More proof the mRNAs rewire the immune system with unknown long-term effectsThe biggest study yet on post-jab IgG4 “class switching” just came out. You will be shocked – SHOCKED – to hear American researchers had nothing to do with it.


Many people who receive mRNA Covid jabs wind up with profound changes in their immune systems that usually arise only after prolonged exposure to allergens like bee venom, a new study confirms.
The changes seem to reduce the immune response to Covid as the body adjusts to the unnaturally high antibody levels mRNA jabs initially produce.
They may account for the paradoxical fact that despite Omicron’s mildness, jab fanatics like Stephen Colbert recently have reported failing to clear Covid infections quickly. The immune system changes are unique to mRNA and not seen in people who get other kinds of Covid vaccines, the study found.
The study also showed a powerful immunosuppressant given for eczema suppresses the changes – further raising questions about the potential relationship between skin and autoimmune disorders and the mRNAs.

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