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‘Sedition Hunters’ Brag To POLITICO About ‘Building Entire Cases’ For FBI Against January 6 ‘Perpetrators’

Sedition Hunters, an allegedly “volunteer army of online investigators,” boast about “building entire” January 6 cases for the FBI “from soup to nuts” in a new report published in Politico Magazine authored by Ryan Reilly, an NBC News “justice” reporter that investigators contend is a government-contracted Sedition Hunter.
Sedition Hunters, a network of anti-conservative Antifa activists, are crowdsourcing an online investigation of Americans who protested on January 6 following the Capitol riot.
The online community of Sedition Hunters successfully use Twitter to help the FBI and Department of Justice identify suspects who took part in the protest. Their work has been cited in multiple arrests and legal proceedings.
As TGP has reported, the far-left network of FBI informants successfully mines large troves of data, including thousands of hours of CCTV footage and police body cam footage, to create multi-angle composite images to identify, dox J6 protesters and report them to the feds.

The self-described “militant trans” sleuths, who previously called to defund the police, use creative nicknames as hashtags to collectively refer to unidentified people of interest and reach a broader audience on Twitter.
In recent article published by Politico Magazine on Friday, titled “Dating Websites and Furry Forums: The Volunteer Army of Online Investigators Who Helped The FBI Track Down January 6 Perpetrators,” Reilly describes how a Sedition Hunter he references as Josh enjoys “dopamine hit after dopamine hit after dopamine hit” after helping the FBI arrest one American after another who protested the stolen election in the nation’s capital as members of Congress certified the flagrantly fraud-ridden presidential election.

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