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MRNA & Why It Matters


In English, this essentially describes how effective and efficient modRNA is at genome editing. Remember, all the COVID vaccines are gene therapy products and none are using natural mRNA. Instead each of these are toying with those 3300 billion lines of code that make humans work and we are just hoping that there are no unintended consequences.
I know this is complex and that there is a lot to consider but let me state this. The biochemical modifications that have been done to RNA have altered it substantially. These alterations were done for the purpose of allowing the use of these various RNA technologies to modify the human genome. In light of the complexity of the human genome we not only have no idea of the consequences I do not believe we can truly state what changes will ultimately be permanent and which will be temporary.

Further, the “progress” in RNA tech has not only gone towards creating more effective methods of altering the makeup of humanity, it has also gone towards ensuring these gene therapies were more robust and lasted longer. While much of that discussion will be for another article, that is precisely the reason that they can now create foods that deliver gene therapy “vaccines” to people as well as other things (mosquitoes, aerosols, topicals, etc.).
The info above is quite clear. My research has been extensive and only a very small part of it is included here because most of the documents are so technical that they are nonsensical to people not used to reading them. That said, I challenge anyone to argue with what is here.
Our genomes are ours. These monsters are dead set on remaking humanity in an image that is not God’s and in doing so without people even knowing it’s happening – let alone consenting. I am not okay with this and while I understand that this may not make for a great talking point for our politicians on FOX it is foundational to humanity. The combination of the complexity of the topic and the bought off politicians makes this topic something many are afraid of but if we don’t deal with it we may just end up being remade into something we do not recognize.

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