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The New Protection: Why You Shouldn’t Have Sex With Him If He’s Covid VaccinatedShocker, it’s not just a conspiracy!

New evidence has emerged suggesting that mRNA vaccines can produce viral shedding. So, perhaps you’re justified after all for being pretty picky about your sexual partner.

Yes, mRNA Vaccines Can Be Transmitted from “Vaxxed” to “Un-Vaxxed”
With all of that in mind, let’s revisit passive immunization. The study conducted at the University of Colorado confirmed the phenomenon of Covid-19 vaccinated parents transmitting antibodies via respiratory droplets to their unvaccinated children.
Chief Scientific Officer at Children’s Health Defence Brian Hooker explained that this shedding can elicit autoimmunity and “all sorts of reactions” in the unvaccinated because of a similar “molecular mimicry between the COVID-19 Ig [immunoglobulin] antibodies and human proteins.”
What this means is that even the unvaccinated could be subjected to spike protein toxicity in their bloodstream or other bodily tissues if the proteins in the mRNA vaccine are transmitted via aerosols. This isn’t the first instance that viral shedding has been reported but then memory-holed by media.

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