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My team of vaccine safety experts wants a debate but nobody pushing the narrative will accept.

We think we analyzed the data correctly. We’ve asked the mainstream narrative experts to correct us if they think we got it wrong. They all refuse to engage us in a scientific discussion to resolve.

Here is a partial list of the team of experts that collectively share my beliefs about the problems with the COVID vaccines and the efficacy of early treatments as the better approach.

The mainstream experts think we are spreading misinformation. But we have no interest in doing that. We just look at the data and come to a different conclusion. We are open to being persuaded we made a mistake. But so far, nobody pushing the mainstream narrative will engage in a scientific discussion on what the data actually shows. All we hear are crickets. Even when TrialSiteNews offered to host the debate, nobody showed up.

The quickest way to end the misinformation is to show us that we are wrong. Why doesn’t anyone want to do that?

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