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Per Peg Tierney:

SUNDANCE: “This is why Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff were in Kyiv yesterday meeting with Zelenskyy…to finalize the details of Biden’s next money laundering scheme in Ukraine.

The details of the Joe Biden $33 billion supplemental budget allocation have been released. I would strongly urge everyone to read the proposal which now heads to Congress for passage {SEE pdf here}.

The $33 BILLION relief package to Ukraine is a global kickback and bribery scheme and specifically authorizes the transfer of these funds globally, outside of Ukraine. Biden is going to set up an international version of DHS “disinformation governance board” to censor the world. But wait, it gets worse…
The last segment reveals how Biden & his cronies plan to seize Russian private property and assets, and then sell them to whoever Biden chooses, and then give the proceeds of the sales to U.S. politicians, friends, family members, or perhaps Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Sounds like what the NAZIs did to the Jews in Germany!

It is an international version of the current DOJ civil asset forfeiture. The United States government (DOJ, Dept of Treasury and Dept of State) takes ownership of any targeted Russian asset, sells the asset (to whoever they choose, including personal family members) then take the proceeds and distributes them to whoever they choose in the U.S. or Ukraine government.

Example: Confiscate a $200 million Russian oligarch yacht, sell it to Hunter Biden (or Black Rock/Vanguard) for $50,000, give the $50,000 to Zelenskyy and then have Black Rock/Vanguard deposit $10 million in James Biden or DNC bank account. {Page 52}

No, I’m not joking. Sit down and read how they are legalizing the laundering of YOUR tax dollars to line their own pockets.”

I told you the “war” is a scheme to destroy Russia for the Globalists & the GREAT RESET! That’s why Russia & China have joined forces to try to destroy the West and the dollar!

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