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WAYNE ROOT: “The Great O’Biden Intentional Depression” is Here. Here is the Solution.

Don’t just boycott their products. It’s the perfect time to boycott their stocks. The middle class has enormous power. The middle class has IRAs, Sep IRAs, retirement accounts and pension plans. We control trillions of dollars on Wall Street. My plan is simple. Sell off the stock in your retirement account of all the woke companies listed in my book. Or demand the managers of your pension fund do the same. The woke stocks will plummet.

Say goodbye to Disney and their transgender agenda. Say goodbye to Netflix and their stars- Barack and Michelle Obama. And punish those other 114 companies too.

It’s your money. Send a powerful message. We must punish woke companies who support Democrats and their radical, insane policies- like open borders, vaccine mandates, green energy, BLM, Critical Race Theory, transgender education for kindergartners, defund the police, and opposition to Voter ID (which leads to stolen elections).

This is how we fight back- with our pocketbooks. This is how we stop the flow of corporate money to the people hell bent on the destruction of America and capitalism. This is how we stop O’Biden.

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