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The Gallery of Freedom Fighters


I do a lot my Freedom work on my Freedom website. The essential purpose is to protect us from medical tyranny; however, as you can imagine, the more you look behind the scenes at dictates such as vaxx mandates, the more forms of related tyranny you see: election theft, CBDC, the Great Reset, etc. Here is the link: 

Freedom Defense Resource Center

The Gallery of Freedom Fighters:

I am starting a new section called Gallery of Freedom Fighters. I want to post interviews with Heroes who are now taking a stand from freedom, to inspire others. This war to protect our freedom and liberty is being fought in courts, but also school board meetings, workplaces, and every other institution in our society. We need to hear from people like you who are taking a stand now, to embolden others who must take a stand in their own battleground. 

Once people hear your WHY for standing up – and how you overcome the challenges and obstacles that we all face – they will become motivated to take action.

Here is the link to the Gallery:

Gallery of Freedom Fighters

You can find out more about my own Why in the Gallery.

Let’s include you as a role model for others!

I would like to learn more about you as a person, and hear what is driving you to lead the way. Your story will inspire others to “write their own story of defending our country.”

Our first step is an introductory conversation.

My assistant Charlene Duncan will reach out to you and set up the meeting. FYI her phone number is (910) 553-0282, so you can recognize it on your caller ID. To speed things up, feel free to call her directly, or use this link to my calendar. You will then receive an email with a Zoom link. 


Thank you! I look forward to speaking with you.

Everything will be all right in the end.

If it’s not all right, it’s not the end