Proof that the Vaccines Were a Military-Backed Countermeasure

This gets interesting. This paragraph includes feel-good sounding words which cover up the true intent: to declare an unrestricted bio-chemical-radiological and nuclear war on Americans, subvert consumer protections under the pretense of a “pandemic response.” Note the words “whole of nation effort:”
“Whole of nation” language can refer to the mobilization of a nation at the time of war. In that use, it is for an obvious declared war with a defined external enemy. However, in the new era of unrestricted 5th generation warfare this language seems to be being used to signal an overt takeover of the entire country by a rogue militarized force, typically by pretense of some sort of a manufactured crisis, and typically from the inside.
I found numerous references to this terminology in the press going back several years, in the US related to military things like cyber warfare, but also in the Chinese, Singaporean, and Australian press. One very interesting and thorough explanation of the “Whole of Nation Chimera” in a Philippine source describing the use of this approach by the militarized government regime that took over all government branches, and the entire civil society. In other words, it describes the installation of a fascist/totalitarian structure. I highly recommend readers to visit the link to the Philippine story published in March 2019 above, because remarkably, the language used is extremely similar to the US government pronouncements related to “covid pandemic response” and Operation Warp Speed. Did the US government writers plagiarize Duerte or do the globo-mafia captured cartels signal to each other and their superiors this way?

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