Secretive Bilderberg Group to meet this weekend to discuss Ukraine, U.S. Leadership, China-Russia, changes to banking system and artificial intelligence

All of these elitist organizations, the Bilderbergs, the RIIA and CFR, the World Economic Forum and the Trilateral Commission, are loosely tied together with overlapping participants.

For example, Technocracy.News Editor Patrick Wood points out that “no less than four U.S. attendees (at Bilderberg 2023) are members of the Trilateral Commission. Nonagenarian Henry Kissinger appears to be passing his globalistic baton to (former Google CEO) Eric Schmidt. Non-US attendees also included members of the Trilateral Commission.”
Peter Thiel, president of Thiel Capital LLC and founder of the secretive data giant, Palantir, is attending Bilderberg alongside the CEO of Palandir, Alex Karp.

“Thiel is a hardened Transhumanist as well as a Technocrat, even though he describes himself as a libertarian conservative. Notably, Thiel co-founded PayPal with Elon Musk,” Wood adds.
Norway’s Børge Brende, who is president of the World Economic Forum, will also be attending this year’s Bilderberg meetings.
The one common denominator of all these groups, whether Bilderberg, WEF, Trilaterals or CFR, is this: A passion for globalism, depopulation and a strengthening of the elites’ already oppressive choke hold over the levers of power in governments, religion, NGOs, business and financial institutions.

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