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THREAD – The Great COVID Ventilator Death Cover-up

Tens of thousands of Americans died after being placed on mechanical ventilators in spring 2020. It’s long past time we got real answers as to how many were killed this way. 1/Michael P Senger

This, too, leads me to believe that the real number of patients killed by ventilators must be frighteningly high; even absent any real litigation risk, the embarrassment alone is leading to this broad cover-up. 21/
Given all the clumsy, self-contradictory arguments about ventilator deaths coming from the medical establishment, you’ve probably gathered that these are not sophisticated crooks. Rather, these are ordinary people who can’t seem to face what really happened. 22/
As I detailed in Snake Oil, it’s the hallmark of any great dictator to be able to bring out the evil even in ordinary people. And some men are uncannily good at what they do. 23/

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