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The folks at Aging.Parents.com were recently featured in Forbes. They have solid advice for a growing concern among many people in their 50s and 60s: how to assist parents who are aging and losing their independence.

The challenge becomes even harder when your parents live far away, and you can’t be on site to manage everything. That’s why assembling a team of professionals to do both the managing and the personal care makes a lot of sense.

I have helped provide care for four ailing elders, and I know firsthand the many forms of assistance that are needed. The team approach makes a lot of sense.

Here’s a reproduction of the Forbes article in Wealthadvisor.com.
“Tony is his mom’s agent on her legal documents and he is more than willing to help. But he always had a worry in the back of his mind about what would happen if Sherry had an accident or a medical crisis. Her arthritis was getting worse, but she insisted that she could manage without help. Then it happened. She lost her balance on the stairs and fell.”


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