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THEY LIED TO US: World Health Summit Member Admits COVID Lockdowns Were Political Not Scientific

Reporter Alexandra Lavoie from Rebel News went to the conference undercover and released footage on Thursday. She spoke with Razak Gyesi Issahaku, a member of the German-West Africa Center for Pandemic Prevention (G-WAC) and pressed him on the globalist elite’s decisions related to the pandemic. Here are some of his answers:
“In the heat of the pandemic, most of the decisions were not based on science like I said. They were just reactionary. Anything that would help,” said Issahaku.

“Now, with the benefit of hindsight, we can tell that some of those decisions is not backed by science.”
Issahaku then admitted the vaccines do not stop COVID from spreading. Last year, Pfizer claimed their vaccine reduced the spread of the virus by 90%.

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