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Long live freedom!


Javier Milei gave an important speech at Davos that I think every American needs to hear and digest. Milei is an economist and the new conservative President of Argentina. He explains, in simple terms, why the West and free-market capitalism is worth fighting for. Here is an edited, abbreviated transcript of his speech, that I prepared, that you can read in 10 minutes. ..

Therefore, in conclusion, I would like to leave a message for all business people here and those who are not here in person but are following from around the world.

Do not be intimidated by the political class or by parasites who live off the state. Do not surrender to a political class that only wants to stay in power and retain its privileges. You are social benefactors. You are heroes. Entrepreneurs are the creators of the most extraordinary period of prosperity we’ve ever seen.

Let no one tell you that your ambition is immoral. If you make money, it’s because you offer a better product at a better price, thereby contributing to general wellbeing.

Do not surrender to the advance of the state. The state is not the solution. The state is the problem itself. You are the true protagonists of this story and rest assured that Argentina is your staunch and unconditional ally.
Thank you very much and long live freedom!

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